Your Shield – How Does It Work?

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Your Shield – How Does It Work?

I have been asked time and time again how Your Shield works. Like so many other times and so many topics in my life, writing it down seems the best way to explain it. So how does it work? I am not a coder, nor am I an app developer. I am an app creator who is called a developer because I was given the idea for an app and I found code writers who could make it come to life for me.
Stories make explanations come to life. Allow me to share some stories to show how
YOUR SHIELD could work for you.
Jordan was at soccer practice late in the afternoon. He had a great practice, and he even scored on the kid that constantly bullied him. He was so happy Grandma was here to pick him up. It was a great day! He and his friends started walking toward the parking lot. Grandma waved and smiled from her car, waiting patiently for Jordan. Jordan walked between two vehicles with two of his friends, and there was David, the goalie/bully. As Jordan began to walk past David, he tripped him. Jordan fell flat on his face, landing hard on his soccer ball. Jordan got back up. David began taunting Jordan and telling him. “You are worthless. I let you score because you’re such a little piece of crap. You are ugly, and you play like a girl. Are you really a little girl?”Jordan began saying, “Stop bullying. Stop bully. Stop bully.” Suddenly Jordan’s grandma was there. “What are you doing to my grandson?” David said, “I didn’t do anything!” But, thanks to his new phone app, Jordan and his grandma had a record of the event. As soon as Jordan said, “Stop Bully,” his phone started recording and sent an alert to his grandma so she could come to his rescue, and they would have a record of David the bully’s behavior. David won’t be bothering Jordan again.
It was early in the morning. Nicole was leaving the gym. Usually, there were a few other people here, but today she was hitting it early to get in a workout before going into work. She had a great workout and started walking to her car. Suddenly there was a man in front of her. She started to turn and go the other way and ran right into another man who grabbed her, pinning her arms to her side. Nicole was so frightened. She started to scream, but the man clamped his hand over her mouth and forced her into a vehicle. He covered her head with some sort of bag or pillowcase. She screamed, but no one could hear her. One of the men told her to shut up. Then she remembered her new app and said, “I am trying not to PANIC!” He yelled at her to just shut up, or he would kill her right there. They continued driving. Suddenly she heard sirens and the men swearing. They were pulled over, and Nicole’s life was saved. As Nicole said the word “Panic,” her phone began recording everything, and a call was made to 911, never alerting her assailants. The police tracked the 911 call to her location, and Nicole was saved. When the police ran the men’s identity, they were found to be known sex traffickers. Thankfully she had Your Shield app on her phone.
Karla walked out of the casino. What a terrific night! She met with her friends for a late dinner and a night at the casino. Her friends had left earlier, but Karla was winning, so she stayed until her machine cooled off. Karla went to the restroom, grabbed her coat, and walked out. She always parked a good distance from the front doors so she would get in a few more steps as exercise. The parking lot was well-lit, so Karla wasn’t worried about walking alone. She had almost reached her vehicle when she felt someone grab her from behind. Karla kept saying, “Please don’t hurt me. Just take my money. Leave me here. Let me go. Please Take me back to the Casino. I won’t tell anyone.” But then she was forced into the trunk of a vehicle. The vehicle had been moving for several minutes, and Karla was feeling hopeless. She knew most people die once they are forced to another location. Suddenly she felt herself being flung forward as the vehicle she was in stopped abruptly. She heard scrambling and some voices. The police pulled Karla out of the car. She was safe! Her kids were worried when she chose the word “Money” as her pre-programmed word in Your Shield app to alert 911 because they thought she might inadvertently notify the police at some point, but Karla knew if she were ever robbed, she would say, “Just take the money.” It was a wise move.

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