Just Say The Word & You Are Protected

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Just Say The Word & You Are Protected

I try to keep all of my posts positive, somewhat insightful, hopeful and inspiring.
Unfortunately, the world is not always so nice. We live in a world where bullying, kidnapping, sex trafficking, and domestic violence exist. We all need to do whatever we can to stop it. I have never been someone who dwelled on such things. I have never been a person who even remotely thought about creating an app.
In order to tell you about the app, I developed and why I need to give you the back story.
On August 17, 2020, I was going to talk with Dane Maxwell from Start From Zero. I scheduled the meeting to speak to Dane about monetizing my podcast, Tammyforachange. However, on August 15, 2020, I believe I received a gift. As I worked out that morning in my house, I got an idea. I wasn’t thinking about apps, bullying or kidnapping, sex trafficking, or domestic violence. I was working out.
It popped into my head suddenly. What if there was an app that was not easily detected by assailants? What if you could have this app on your phone? What if you could just say a word, and the app would respond to get help? As I finished my work out and showered more and more details of how it should work, how it should be designed, and how it could make a massive difference in the world.
That was the day, the same day as my sister Robin’s birthday, and I got this great idea. Oh, how I wished she were still alive so I could share the idea with her.
From that day on, I have worked tirelessly and diligently to make sure it came to life to help others. The app is called Your Shield. How does it work?
1. Download the app. It is available only on iPhone for now.
2. First you select your alert partners. This may be your besties, your parents, a child, a significant other, a teacher, or anyone who will come to your aid when needed.
3. Then you record your safe words. This may be any word that you don’t say often but is easy for you to remember and say.
4. Activate Your Shield whenever you are in a precarious situation.
5. When you say the first safe word, Your Shield will send an alert to your partners giving your coordinates, recording audio, and tracking your location until you either press the Stop Tracking button or Deactivate Your Shield.
When you say your second safe word Your Shield will send a message to your alert partners with your location telling them to notify EMS.
Your Shield will continue tracking and recording until you either press Stop Tracking or Deactivate Your Shield.
The beauty of Your Shield is you program your safe words so your assailant will never know help is on the way. Just say the word and you are protected.

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